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Stories In Service: Day of Neighborhood Storytelling

Each year GriotWorks partners with local organizations to present programs of traditional storytellers, spoken word artists and cultural workers sharing tales that bring hope to communities. Each program is representational of a neighborhood village and provides opportunities for community members to interact through call and response, song, movement and rhythmic expression within the context of the storytelling experience.

Here’s a video about our Stories In Service program:

By holding the programs at outdoor parks, recreation centers and other outdoor venues in neighborhoods, intergenerational audiences have access to programs that are often limited to elementary schools and libraries. The storytellers, equipped with researched information on each neighborhood, work to engage community members and spark dialogue about cultures, traditions, little known neighborhood facts and local heroes. Expanding upon “the power of story”, an additional element of media education taught and youth and adult audience members work in groups to make their own positive news headlines and tell their own stories.